Holiday Programs in Rochester

Relax and enjoy the holidays. Leave the holiday decorating to us!

Professional Installation

Let Botanicus Holiday dazzle your office with festive wreaths, sparkling garlands, coordinated trees, and stunning holiday scenes. Our professional installation ensures your space is turned into a joyous setting for the season.

Non-denominational Options

We believe in celebrating the festive spirit inclusively. Our decorations feature colorful ornaments, natural leaf sprays, sparkling ice and glitter, and festive ribbons without relying on religious symbols, ensuring everyone feels welcomed.

Durable Design

Our holiday decorations are crafted for durability. Featuring extra-bright LED warm white lights and heavy-duty, commercial-grade trees, our decorations are designed to last. Post-holidays, we can store and refurbish your decorations for the next season.

Hoiday decor
Beautiful, Custom Design

Botanicus’ holiday decorations are designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of busy offices. Made from durable plastic or robust natural materials, our ornaments are both exquisite and break-resistant, ensuring a festive yet practical decor.

Innovative Ideas

At Botanicus Holiday, we go beyond traditional trees. Our designers start with basic themes and customize them with ribbons, ornaments, and greens to match any interior, creating an impressive effect even in large spaces.

Holiday decor
We Make it Easy

Transforming your holiday decor is a breeze with Botanicus. Our professional designers are here to recommend the perfect type and size of holiday scenes, trees, and greens for your space, complete with samples and photos of seasonal interiors.

Holiday decor
Experience Matters

Our experienced installers, akin to Santa’s helpers, remove the hassle of holiday setup. We deliver, install, and, come January, take down your decorations with minimal disruption to your office.

Botanicus offers a wide selection of non-denominational, durable, and beautifully designed holiday decor options.
Our full-service approach covers everything from design to installation and maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free holiday season.
Durablity in the choices and materials we use ensures lasting beauty with your new holiday setup. Designed to last while bringing unique holiday design aesthetics.
We take care of all the work! Working with Botanicus is full service - from design ideas, to plant selections, to installation, to care and maintenance.
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