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What are the Benefits of Having Office Plants?

Increased Productivity and Retention

Introducing plants into your office space can create a more positive and healthier environment. This leads to improved employee performance and well-being, fostering a sense of satisfaction and encouraging retention.

Clean Air

Plants are nature’s oxygen producers. Incorporating them into your office is a natural way to enhance air quality, providing a fresher and cleaner breathing space for everyone.

Inexpensive Redesign

Upgrading your office design doesn’t have to be costly. Adding plants is an excellent way to revitalize your space, improve its appearance, and even reduce ambient noise, all without the need for expensive construction.

Designing the Right Fit

Leveraging our 50 years of experience, Botanicus offers expert guidance in designing plant installations that perfectly match your office needs. We assess your space to select the ideal plants and trees that will bring life to your atrium, lobby, and office areas. Our team collaborates closely with you to ensure the final design aligns with your vision.

Choosing the Right Plants

Our extensive knowledge of plant species enables us to select the ideal greenery for your office. We consider factors like traffic flow, room size, ceiling height, and lighting conditions to determine the best plants for your space.

Green Transformation
Green Transformation

Transforming your office with plants is a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to new construction or design overhauls. Our green space and vertical plant systems integration offer a unique and sustainable way to upgrade your office design.

Full Care Options and Maintenance Plans

Botanicus provides comprehensive care and maintenance plans for your interior greenscaping. Our services extend beyond the initial transformation, ensuring that your plants and green walls remain healthy and vibrant.

Experience the Benefits of a Green Office
Plants significantly enhance mental health in the workplace, leading to improved performance and employee satisfaction. They reduce stress levels, offer a natural solution to redesigning office spaces, and improve air quality and noise levels.
The presence of plants and green space in the workplace has shown a marked reduction in the stress level of employees
Plant design and integration offers an effective and low cost solution to the redesign of an office environment without the need for costly construction projects
Plants offer an all natural way to reduce overall noise pollution and improve the overall air quality within any office space environment
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