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Experience the Benefits of Plants in Your Office Space

Increased Productivity and Retention

Green workspaces bring positivity and a healthy environment to your employees leading to improved performance and increases in employee well-being.

Natural, Cleaner Air

The perfect way to improve the overall air quality for any indoor office environment providing nature’s oxygen producer.

Inexpensive Design Facelift

An excellent solution to upgrading your office design without expensive construction – improve the look of spaces while reducing ambient noise.

Designing the Right Fit
Designing the Right Fit

Our 50 years of experience give us the knowledge to help design the plant installations that are right for you.  We will assess your office spaces to find the perfect plants and trees to bring your atrium, lobby, and offices to new life.  Our team will work with you directly to ensure your new office design is exactly what you have been looking for.

Botanicus Living Green Wall Plantups
Choosing the Right Plants

Extensive knowledge on all the various species of plant helps us pick the perfect green for your office.  We can evaluate traffic flow spaces, room size and height, and critical lighting conditions to know just what plants are right for your new living office space.

Green Transformation
Green Transformation

New construction and design upgrades for any office can be a time consuming and expensive endeavor.  Through the use of new plants and trees you can overhaul and upgrade your design through the use of incredible green space and vertical plant systems integration.  Make your office design truly unique by going green.

Full Care Options and Maintenance Plans

Botanicus can provide full service care options for your interior greenscaping needs.  Our services don’t end at helping transform your new office space – they extend to specialized care programs to ensure that all of your trees, plants, and green walls stay healthy, watered, and vibrant to keep your office green and unique.

Experience the True Benefts of Green
Plants have been shown to have significant positive effective on general mental health for employees in the work space leading to improved performance and retention
The presence of plants and green space in the workplace has shown a marked reduction in the stress level of employees
Plant design and integration offers an effective and low cost solution to the redesign of an office environment without the need for costly construction projects
Plants offer an all natural way to reduce overall noise pollution and improve the overall air quality within any office space environment
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