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Unique Atrium Design Ideas

Bringing Big Spaces to Life

Large atrium spaces can present a unique set of challenges from a design standpoint.  High clearance and large open air can create a sterile feel for your office.  Plants and green system designs are the perfect way to bring these large areas to life.  With a variety of plant and tree options and vertical wall systems the team at Botanicus can transform your atrium.

The Right Plants Make All the Difference

With 50 years of experience and counting, the professional plant designers and care specialists of Botanicus, have the know how to choose the right plants for the right situation.  Evaluating the space, heights, and the lighting helps us design the ideal mixture of trees and plants to bring your atrium to life.

Green Spaces for Happy Faces

Plants and green space have long been the centerpiece in design choices in part because of their proven benefits to both health and well-being.  Improved air quality, natural sound control, and an organic connection all offer tremendous benefit to the mental health of both employees and customers alike.

Planter/Atrium Guidelines
Evaluating Your Atrium

We start by doing a thorough examination of the atrium space. Understanding the room dimensions, color choices, ceiling heights, and natural light help us to begin the process of designing the right green plan, customized to your atrium.  We can present all of the options that can bring your space to new life with the beauty of plants.

Large Trees and Plants - Botanicus
Picking the Perfect Plants

Not all plants are ideal for all situations.  The need for light and space to grow are critical pieces in selecting just the right plants to use.  With knowledge on countless tree and plant species we can identify the right plants for your space while complimenting the area and the color and design scheme that your atrium uses.

Atrium 4
Professional Installation

For over 50 years the professionals of Botanicus have been installing our new green space designs.  We take care of all of the logistics to install your new trees and plants with minimal interruption to your operation and front to back install and cleanup.  When we’re done the only thing that will change is the new, professional, and beautiful green atrium you have been looking for.

Care and Maintenance Programs

With full service care and horticulture services, Botanicus can provide long term programs to keep your new atrium vibrant, healthy, and green.  Our full service care options take the work off your plate.  No need to water, trim, or care for your plants and trees with the Botanicus care maintenance programs.

Bringing You Business to Life
Large atrium spaces present unique design challenges. The use of the right plant design can instantly bring a sterile environment to new life.
A natural and effective way to tackle large space sound issues and echoes. Plants are excellent sound control and buffer options for your atrium.
Create a more inviting atmosphere for both your customers and your employees. Effective plant and tree design is a proven way to increase overall happiness and productivity within any business.
Planters, trees, vertical wall systems, and flowering plants offer a wide pallet of both color and look to help accentuate any atrium design. Let us help design the perfect plan for your office.
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