Moss Art

Create Unique Green Art with Moss Panels

No Maintenance Art

Moss panels are an excellent way to bring some green into your home or office without the need for watering of care and maintenance

Endless Design Combinations

The unique panel systems allow for an endless combination of design concepts.  The only limits are your imagination.

Using Green for Design

Moss Art is a green way to create unique and green artwork.  Using the natural beauty of plants you can bring any wall to life.

Moss Wall Art Green Design Patterns
Choosing the Right Design

Looking for some new design ideas for wall art and interior design upgrades?  Botanicus has the design experience to help.  We can evaluate your office and wall spaces and come up with the perfect design to compliment your space.  Stand out with moss art as a wonderful alternative to traditional wall dressings.

Moss Wall Live
Installation is Simple

Our unique moss art panel systems are designed with simplicity in mind.  All panels are easy to mount and are designed to work together in various sizes to create unique art creations.  We’re always here to help with any questions and offer full, professional installation options.

Wide Variety of Design Options

Choose from a wide range of options that are perfect for creating a design all your own.  Various shades, moss types, and complimentary materials and sizes ensure that your creativity is the only limitation on designed and installing a beautiful new moss wall art display for your business or home.

Easy Care Green for Office or Home

Our moss wall art panels are designed using a unique preserved moss technique.  The result is you are left with a new, green wall art piece that doesn’t require are watering, general care, or maintenance.  An ideal solution for anyone looking for green design without the care.

Discover the Benefits of Moss Wall Art
Stand out with a unique and personal approach to your art. A change of pace from traditional pictures and wall dressing.
Care in no problem with moss wall art. A no maintenance, care free way to bring green to any wall and space.
Simple installation ensures that it's easy to create your new artwork. Unique panel design systems made hanging and creating a new moss wall art piece simple.
With a variety of moss types, materials, and panel sizes a seemingly endless combination of designs is possible. Make your piece unique to you.
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