Living Wall Design

Custom Designed Green Walls

Grow Up with Green

Using the style and beauty of plants is an excellent and unique way to create wonderful wall dressing options for any space

One of Kind Design

Stand out to your clients by bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside. Vertical plant systems tailored for your unique needs

Design Flexibility

The ideal solution for larger atrium spaces and lobbies, a professionally designed and installed green wall can bring elegance to your office space

Botanicus Living Green Wall Plantups
Picking the Right Systems

The professional team at Botanicus will review your space to help develop the right plan unique to your business. Careful choices in size, design, and plant choice will ensure that the end result will keep your customers in awe of the beautiful living wall design.

Improve Well Being

Designers and planners have long known the incredible benefits of plants on the human mind.  Countless studies have shown that increased green space leads to a mass of health benefits – from happier employees, to cleaner air, to natural sound control a new vertical green wall can have lasting benefits to your business.

Botanicus Living Green Wall Plantups
Installation Professionals

For 50 years the highly trained and professional staff at Botanicus have been helping our clients experience all of the benefits and joy of interior plantscaping.  We design, make the right plant selections, and install your entire new vertical living wall system.  You sit back and enjoy the beauty of your new office space.

Botanicus Living Green Wall Plantups
Full Service Care

Yes, it’s true that living walls and interior plants require maintenance, watering, and upkeep to ensure their long lasting beauty but we have plans to keep you covered.  Our full service horticulture and plant care program are designed to make sure your plants stay happy and healthy without you needing to lift a finger in upkeep.

Making a Lasting Impression
Interior Vertical Green Walls are an amazing way to make a lasting impressions on all of your customers and guests
We're here to help find the perfect mix of plants that are designed to fit into your office design. 50 years and counting of exceptional design ideas
Green walls are a sustainable and affordable way to introduce new design ideas into your office environment. Save time and money over expensive construction projects.
Cleaner air and greener spaces are a fantastic way to improve the overall well being of your staff and your customers. Stand out with a custom green wall for your office.
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