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Full Service Plant Care Programs

Care Free Green

We call our commercial horticultural services “Carefree Green” because you can leave the care to us!

Professional Service

Our trained technicians do everything needed to keep your plants beautiful, healthy, and thriving. More than watering … cleaning, pruning, nutritional supplements, and integrated pest management is performed regularly.

Wealth of Experience

We service over 500 clients in Western New York (Greater Rochester and Buffalo areas). Your investment is protected by our “replacement warranty,” but our goal is to keep every plant healthy and beautiful.

Holistic Horticulture

Since all environmental factors impact on your plants, insect and disease prevention starts with holistic horticulture. Although airborne pathogens that cause disease in living organisms are always present, overall health and genetics determine the degree to which these toxins affect us.

Ensuring Proper Plant Care

Plants with incorrect ph, nutrients, lighting, temperature and other stress factors are much more prone to problems. The Botanicus System maximizes plant health and vigor, drastically reducing disease and insect infestation. This is done by monitoring and regulating environmental conditions and providing superior root environment and care.

Our Experience Matters

Spots can appear on your plant during any growth stage and can be attributed to many factors in its history. By examining new growth, your technician can determine the cause of the discoloration. In some cases the problem is easily solved by relocating the plant or replacing it with one better suited to that particular environment. Diseased plants can be treated on-site or, in the case of major infestation, foliage should be replaced or treated off-site.

Customized Programs Just for You

Each and every customer we work with has their own care program needs.  We work with you to devise the right care program that works with your business and schedule.  Our full service offerings ensure that you never have to worry about your new plants.  We take care of everything from proper watering to pruning and plant health care.  Leave the green to us with a full service care program.

Let Us Design, Create And Maintain For Your Beautiful, Healthier Business!
Living plants and trees enhance your company’s professional image. Plants add the “Art of Nature” to the work environment and can improve the health, morale and productivity of your staff.
Botanicus design experts select plants that thrive in your environment and best complement your décor. Synergistic coordination with interior design professionals allows us to maximize the botanical requirements of the project. . . light, air quality, temperature and access to water are all part of creating the interior garden that best suits you.
Plants and trees provide the finishing touch to any interior. Botanicus stocks a large inventory of healthy, acclimatized, live interior foliage as well as an extensive range of high quality artificial silk plants, trees, bushes,colorful shrubs and flowers.
Professional service by our trained, reliable horticultural technicians provides complete interior plant and customer care. Uniformed, insured personnel guarantee the beauty and health of your interior plants.
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