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Industry Pioneers

For 50 years Botanicus has been on the forefront of live plant design. Our expertise is here to help create the perfect blend of species to create a space that people will never forget.

Capture a Unique Beauty

Improve health and well being with natural creations designed to bring your atrium or office to life. Experience all of the benefits a living wall can bring to your business.

Low Maintenance and Alive

Our systems have been carefully crafted over the years to create a modular system that can be tailored to fit any space without plumbing or drainage needs for care and upkeep.

Botanicus Living Green Wall Plantups
What is a Vertical Wall System?

Vertical wall systems are an innovative approach to plant growth, utilizing custom-designed planters for vertical stacking. This method maximizes water usage and reduces maintenance needs, creating a stunning “living” wall that transforms building lobbies or atrium spaces.

How Does it All Work?

Our patented planter systems allow us to construct a living wall of any size, tailored to your specific space. These units support a diverse range of plants, ensuring a unique and ideal design for your environment. Our technology also includes an efficient watering system, reducing the need for regular maintenance.

Professional Installation

Our experienced staff handles every aspect of installing your new vertical living wall system. We prioritize minimizing disruption to your operations and adhere strictly to safety protocols, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process.

Botanicus Living Green Wall Plantups
Care and Maintenance

Botanicus offers comprehensive care and maintenance programs. From regular watering and trimming to complete plant care, we provide services that keep your living wall system healthy and flourishing with minimal effort on your part.

Create a distinctive and beautiful design experience in your office.
Our living walls are not only a visual treat but also promote happiness and well-being.
They offer natural benefits like improved air quality and sound control, making them an ideal addition to any office environment.
Leave a lasting impact on your customers with a living wall designed just for you. An excellent and affordable way to create a unique environment people are sure to remember.
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