Full Service Care in Rochester

Full Service Plant Care Programs in Rochester, NY

Care Free Green

At Botanicus, we offer “Carefree Green” commercial horticultural services, taking the burden of plant care off your shoulders. Our professional team handles everything your plants need to stay vibrant and healthy.

Professional Service

Our trained technicians go beyond mere watering. They provide a full spectrum of care including cleaning, pruning, nutritional supplements, and integrated pest management on a regular basis.

Wealth of Experience

With over 500 clients in Western New York, including the Greater Rochester and Buffalo areas, our experience speaks for itself. We offer a “replacement warranty” to protect your investment, but our primary goal is to maintain the health and beauty of every plant.

Holistic Horticulture

Understanding that environmental factors significantly impact plant health, we focus on holistic horticulture. Our approach to insect and disease prevention begins with maintaining the overall health and robust genetics of your plants.

Ensuring Proper Plant Care

Our Botanicus System is designed to maximize plant health and vigor, thereby reducing disease and insect infestations. This is achieved by monitoring and regulating environmental conditions, ensuring optimal soil and root care.

Our Experience Matters

We understand that plant problems can arise at any stage of growth. Our technicians can diagnose issues by examining new growth and offer solutions like relocating plants or replacing them with species better suited to the specific environment.

Customized Programs Just for You

We recognize that each business has unique plant care needs. Our team works with you to create a customized care program that fits seamlessly with your business schedule, covering everything from watering to pruning and plant health.

Let Us Design, Create And Maintain For Your Beautiful, Healthier Business!
Our design experts select plants that not only thrive in your environment but also complement your décor.
We work in coordination with interior design professionals, considering factors like light, air quality, and water access to create an ideal interior garden for your space.
Our extensive range of live and artificial plants, trees, and shrubs ensures the perfect finishing touch for any interior.
Our uniformed, insured technicians guarantee the beauty and health of your plants.
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