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Medium Light Plants

Suitable for areas with some natural light sources, but less than four hours of direct sunlight on plant leaves. Also suitable for areas with tinted windows or skylights, awnings or other coverings on windows. 100 to 250 footcandles at leaves.

Live plants require temperatures between 60-90°F and must be protected from drafts from doors in winter.

(Go to pictures of plants for other light levels: Low - High - Flowering)


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"King Maya" Palm 6'-6.5'

Aglaonema "Pink Sapphire" 2' x 20" wide


Aglaonema "Pride of Sumutra" 2-2.5'


Aglaonema "Tropical Garnet" 2' x 20" Wide


Caryota "Fishtail" 6'


D. "Green Jewel" Global Cane Set 5ppp 4'


D. "Jade Jewel" Global Cane Set 5ppp 4'


D. Dere "Warneckei-Lemon Lime" bush 2-2.5'

D. Dere

D. Marginata "Dragon Tree" Braid 3.5'-4'

D. Marginata

D. Marginata "Dragon Tree" cane 5-6'

D. Marginata

D. Marginata Open Weave 5'-6'

D. Marginata Open Weave  5'-6'

H. Helix "English Ivy" Medium vine

H. Helix

Rhapis Excelsa "Lady Palm" bush 7'-8'

Rhapis Excelsa

S. Arboricola "Braid" 1-1.5'

S. Arboricola

S. Arboricola "Nora" Column 3'-3.5'

S. Arboricola

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