Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants

Add seasonal color changes to your office with long-lasting flowering plant rotations.

For seasonal flowers, we recommend Bromeliads.  These exotic plants provide color for about three months, even in the lowest light.  Relatives of the pineapple, they are noted for the brilliant blooms on their long, tapered leaves.  Some varieties have variegated leaves or iridescent green foliage like the “Silver Vase”.Azaleas, Mums, Poinsettias

These flowering plants burst with brightly colored buds for 2-3 weeks, requiring 20-25 rotations per year.

Flowering Plant Program

Botanicus can propose an annual flowering plant plan. This includes the number of plants to be used, frequency of change-out, and cost for each change, including delivery and installation.

Botanicus will monitor the condition of your flowering plants, adding new color as proposed. Annually, most clients have 4 changes of bromeliads, introducing poinsettias in November.  Billing corresponds to installation of the new rotation.

Botanicus provides expert care, but we can not guarantee that your flowers will remain fresh and colorful until the next rotation.  Bromeliads are installed directly after “forcing” into color, and longevity varies, based on environmental conditions.

“Clean-air Machines”

Bromeliads, mums, poinsettias and azaleas purify office air as well as a large standing plant, so you can beautify your office while improving your health! The indoor environmental quality will instantly be improved.

Prime locations Add color, pizzazz or holiday decor to any special area:

  • Reception desk or front atrium
  • Coffee table in seating area
  • Grouping of 3-5 flowers in a large floor pot
  • Conference room
  • Planter beds
  • Base of large trees
  • Anywhere live or “silk” flower arrangements are used