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Moss Wall Panels:
Modern Office Interior Design


Moss Wall modular Art comes in 3 colors frames, 3 sizes and 5 insert options! Add nature and beauty and a custom design to your wall at home or Office! Click on the brochure to the left to download the PDF. Click here to download PDF


Moss Wall Art by Botanicus is our most recent contribution to Biophilic Design. Reconnecting human beings with the natural environment from which we evolved with sustainable design elements. Moss Wall by Botanicus uses lightweight, fire-resistant* frames that mount easily on walls, and filling the frames with biophilic, natural materials, the Moss Wall modular System allows for an infinite number of design possibilities include beautiful, sustainable, natural materials. The two-part, Patent Pending frames snap easily on and off, the contents of the frames can be changed as often as desired. Our initial offering includes 3 Frame sizes in 3 colors, Acoustic Moss Panels in 3 sizes and 3 colors, Sustainable Bark in 2 sizes, and Light Stone in 2 colors and 2 sizes.

We share more information on our natural and sustainable materials below.
*Frames meet UL 94, V-0 flammability standard.

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Acoustic Moss Wall Panels

Our acoustic moss panels are made from preserved Reindeer Moss that grows in the Northern European forests. Harvesting is done by hand, with respect for the plant and its surroundings. A specific cutting technique ensures the perfect renewing of the plant. The vegetal preservation is completed without the addition of any toxic or dangerous chemicals.

A food coloring agent is used to dye the plant, using a proprietary method that insures long lasting color stability. The preserved moss is 100% biodegradable. Since the moss is mounted on aluminum panels (using non-toxic, A+ rated glue) and due to the natural preservation process, the panels meet Fire Resistance Standard EN-13501-1 Class B.

Additionally, the moss has very high-end acoustic attenuation properties, helping to capture over 90% of medium and high frequencies (voice frequencies). The moss requires no maintenance, water or light.
It adapts to the surrounding humidity, like a sponge. Below a certain humidity level, the moss becomes more brittle, but it will return to its naturally soft and pliable state as the humidity level increases. And because of the proprietary preservation process we use, our moss holds its color for extended periods of time in comparison to many other moss products.

Sustainable Bark Wall Panels

Our bark is from the Yellow Poplar species, originating in the Appalachian Hardwood Region
(AHR) in the eastern United States. Studies by the Forest Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture document that AHR hardwood timberland acreage has remained stable at 65+ million acres since the 1980’s*. These studies also demonstrate that the Yellow Poplar species has been increasing during this time period. Yellow Poplar is normally used in the production of furniture but there is no common usage for the bark since its light color is not normally desirable as mulch. So, while Yellow Poplar is a sustainable hardwood, we are further improving the sustainability of the trees by giving a use to a part of the tree that could otherwise become waste. *See U.S. Forest Service document SRS-142.

Light Stone Wall Panels

Our Light Stone panels are made from a combination of natural stone and resin, allowing them to become lighter and more manageable than raw stone panels would be. We have achieved two very natural looks with our Prairie Brown and Mountain Grey finishes.

How to Install Moss Walls

Easy to install and easy to change

  1. Attach back frame to wall
  2. Insert Panel
  3. Attach Safety Clips
  4. Snap on Front Frame

Moss Walls Panel Installation